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Hiring HCA

Poised and Ready to Assist Your Practice

Hiring a firm that has the right balance and expertise of clinical medical, bio-informatics, HIPAA, and legal savvy is pinnacle when considering the spider web of laws/regulations that surround the healthcare practices; hire a group that knows how to protect you, HIRE HCA.

HCA (Health Compliance Advisors) specializes in Meaningful Use Consulting, HIPAA Compliance, and Practice Management.  Call us today at 330.913.3566 or Toll Free at 800.742.2860, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure a spot today.  

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HCA Experience

Medical, Legal, and Compliance Experts

Health Compliance Advisors (HCA) was founded with the core principle of "Being the Physician's Advocate..."

Health Compliance Advisors (HCA) is an exciting and innovative firm that combines experts from the medical, legal, technology, and compliance fields. Health  Compliance Advisors utilizes the latest technology combined with the experience from our experts to assist in navigating the difficult compliance and regulatory burdens  the Healthcare Industry currently faces.

The Healthcare Industry is driven by an enormous amount of laws, regulations and rules mandated by both the federal and state governments. Regulatory compliance is a time-consuming burden for medical practices that costs hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Rules, regulations and laws change frequently and it is difficult to keep up with and apply the rules and regulations to a practice’s operations. The dangers of non-compliance and the penalties that result, are too great to leave to chance.

Health Compliance Advisor's HIPAA and Meaningful Use Compliance teams are well qualified to assist all medical practices and covered entities in facing the challenges of the rapidly changing Healthcare Compliance Environment. 

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Our Capabilities

  • Physician Advocacy

    We fight for the physician, we understand the difficulty of running a medical practice, and HCA is here to help you!

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  • Practice Management

     Medical Practices require a variety of skills to effectively manage a practice.  HCA utilizes a plethora of skillsets and can help manage your practice for fraction of the cost of traditional methods. 

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  • HIPAA Compliance

    HIPAA Compliance is one of the newest and most overlooked regulatory actions of the 21st Century.  The prior paper methods have gone away, the new electronic methods are here upon us. HCA Staff and Legal Team can help your practice get and stay compliant with HIPAA regulation.

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  • Meaningful Use

    Obtaining MU money seems easy, but taking money without being truly MU ready spells trouble.  Most practices think that they are compliant.  Let HCA experts help your practice navigation the difficult attestation criteria.  Call today to reserve your MU Attestation Help Slot. 

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